• Azure Crystal Reading Light Blue

This one of our popular 2017 Reading Lights. It incorporates both modern and classic looks with its design. Easily wired into existing 12 volt systems, it has an incorporated button switch that not only turns the light on and off, but also allows for changing the color mode. The head swivels back and forth to allow for you to adjust the lamp to shine in your ideal direction. This new light allows for the blue light or the white light to shine into the crystal section at the front. Due to customer feedback, we incorporated a push button switch into the fixture that allows you to turn off the blue light without turning on the white mode (only in 2017 models). To turn on the blue light, simply tap the push button, to turn it off tap it again. To turn on the white light, press and hold the push button and the white light will turn on, simply tap it again and you can turn the white light off. The blue light provides an excellent hue for ambient lighting and is very popular in RVs.

12 Volt

3 Watt White LED 

1 Watt Blue LED

Surface Mount

To mount, use screws long enough to securely mount into the material that you are attaching the lamp to. With every material and mounting situation it varies, but we generally recommend a screw approximately 1 1/2" long

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Azure Crystal Reading Light Blue

  • Brand: Cruiser LED
  • Product Code: Azure-Blue
  • Availability: Contact Steveston Marine
  • $99.99